Provably Fair

Ensuring Transparency and Fairness


In our provably fair system at VS, we ensure transparency and fairness through a meticulously designed process. Here's how it works:

During the game creation process, three crucial fields are generated for each user:

Nonce: This serves as a unique game serial number.

Server_seed: Consisting of 48 randomly generated characters.

Client_seed: Either provided by the user as a string or generated as 12 random characters.

Game Initialization:

Before each game commences, we generate a fresh set of 48 random characters, which becomes the "server_seed." To enhance transparency, we hash this server_seed using the SHA256 algorithm, and the resulting hash is displayed to the user prior to the game's start.

Fair Gameplay:

Once the game begins, both players contribute to the fairness verification process. They each take the hash of the following elements: nonce, server_seed, and client_seed. This operation produces two distinct values: user1_provably_hash and user2_provably_hash. These values are then combined with the server_seed_game.

To ensure the utmost fairness, the combined data is hashed once more using SHA256. Subsequently, the first 10 characters of this hash are extracted. These characters are meticulously converted to a numerical value, byte by byte, and the modulo operation is applied with a divisor of 1000.

The final result determines the game's outcome:

If the calculated number is greater than 500, it signifies that side number 2 emerges victorious.

Conversely, if the calculated number is less than 500, it declares side number 1 as the winner.

Our provably fair system guarantees a transparent and trustworthy gaming experience for all our users, emphasizing fairness and integrity throughout every game.

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