RevShare (Coming Soon)

Revenue Share Allocation

Our project's vitality stems from the revenue generated by our state-of-the-art crypto casino. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of how we allocate and distribute the profits from the casino to ensure the growth and sustainability of our venture:

$VS - Holders (60%): 60% of the profits are channeled towards our valued $VS token holders. This allocation serves as a rewarding incentive for those who hold our tokens, fostering their continued support.

Team (20%): 20% of the profits are dedicated to compensating our dedicated team members. This allocation acknowledges the crucial contributions of our team in sustaining and enhancing our casino's operations.

Project Development (10%): 10% of the profits are allocated to furthering the development of our project. This fund is instrumental in enhancing the features, security, and overall user experience of our crypto casino.

Marketing (10%): An additional 10% of the profits is earmarked for marketing efforts. This allocation fuels our promotional campaigns, allowing us to reach a wider audience and continually expand our user base.

This transparent and balanced allocation strategy ensures that our revenue is distributed strategically, benefiting our token holders, team members, project development, and marketing initiatives, all of which contribute to the sustained growth and success of our crypto casino.

During the initial months, the entire tax amount will be allocated towards bolstering our financial reserves and advancing project development. The allocations outlined above may undergo alterations upon the launch of the RevShare platform.

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