Presale Open 24.09.2023

Presale End 27.09.2023 Hardcap was set at 60 ETH and presale was oversubscribed well before the end.

Token & Website launch 29.09.2023, Public launch at 20:30 UTC

In Version 1, we'll have coinflip as the only game mode available. Our goal is to offer the best coinflip experience for both player-vs-player (PvP) and player-vs-house (PvH). We'll focus on making this game mode perfect, and then we'll introduce new game modes one at a time.

Surprise :) SEWN

Roulette TBA

Crash TBA

RevShare TBA

Match Betting NA

Live Games NA

Why don't we have fixed dates for all the game modes? Well, we're creating each game mode from the ground up, and that's a time-consuming process because we want to make sure we do it correctly. You can probably see that we're putting a lot of effort into making the user interface (UI) and the overall user experience great, and we want to maintain this high standard for every game mode we release. We're not taking shortcuts by buying pre-made code and just adding a new look; we're actually building something that's built to last.

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